Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oral Sex on the MRT

Maybe I've been out of the loop lately or I haven't been on the MRT enough as of late. But these MRT public service announcements are ohlalala! very forward or somewhat risqué. Maybe I'm just being a prude. Or maybe I don't want to hear trivia about how to give good head while going to work haha.

One of the trivias overheard on the MRT PA system:
Ang lipstick ay inimbento ng mga Egyptians. Ngunit nilikha nila ito hindi para sa karaniwang Egyptian na kababaihan kundi para sa mga babaeng magagaling sa Oral sex. Kung nais niyo ng very inviting lips, mag lipstick na kayo. Cue Public Service Music.

The Lipstick was invented by the Ancient Egyptians. But not just for ordinary Egyptian women, but for Egyptian women who gave good oral sex. If you want very inviting lips, why not put on some lipstick? Cue Public Service Music.

Maybe this is a safe sex campaign by the DOH or some condom ad- I'm not sure. It was so loud on the tram, I probably heard everything wrong. But seeing some raise eyebrows on the MRT, I guess the ads are for real. There were some ads about sexual positions and global sex stats as well, so this is definitely a series of sorts.

I mean we are so tolerant on everything public on the radio or on the metro lately. I've heard everything from Ba-na-na-na and local rap songs on Why Gay love is far better than hetero lovin' in graphic detail.

Maybe tomorrow while going to Cubao, there'll be something on cunnilingus.


  1. bwahahahahha! antagal ko na ring di nagmmrt, curious tuloy ako...hehehe

  2. seriously!!! grabe. how odd (but funny)