Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Front Row at Mantrade

I haven't sat on the front seat of a jeepney in quite a long time. Someone always beats me to it, I guess its every commuter's coveted spot. Still I don't like sitting next to the driver (not because he's sweaty or high in shabs) but most passengers expect you to take their coins and give out the change. Yeah, instant konduktor

I prefer sitting next to the door, the hazardous spot, the one the snatchers love so they can speed off with your sunglasses or mobile phone. But what I love about the jeepney's front row is the wind on my face and the bedlam that happens to my hair afterwards. But the traffic kinda kills all this anyway and I'm left staring at signs like "You hold the key" and "Kilala mo ba si PotPot?" (Do you know who Potpot is?)

All the jeepneys come to halt by the Don Bosco area, nothing moves forward. It's about this time I start walking home.

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