Monday, February 22, 2010

See More of the Philippines: Track Your Journey

What parts of the country have you visited? How much of it have you seen through the window of a moving bus? Stayed for the night? Or lived in? Wouldn't it be wonderful to set foot on all 7,107 islands?

Hey, this calls for a road trip!

These are the places I've visited in the Philippines.

My Lakbayan grade is C!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.

Which has gotten me thinking - I should go up north! No more pushing the Ilocos trip aside. I dream of Batanes too.

Definitely, I must conquer Palawan. Since I've gone and stayed 2 weeks in Sultan Kudarat, then I should visit more of Zamboanga or Lanao or maybe Jolo. But of all the road trips I've been in, the place I felt close to an awakening was this dirt road on a marvelous Sorsogon to Samar route. It was breathtaking. The experience felt very spiritual.

still this is a pretty cool widget!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

711 Charging Stations Battle the Case of the Low Batts

How convenient! Finally somewhere to plug into whenever your cellphone goes low batt.

This is a charging station at a 711 convenience store in Herrera Street, Makati City. Just prepare 5 peso coins!

The charge rates are:
P5 for 10 Minutes Charge time
P10 for 20 minutes
P15 for 30 minutes

You can gorge on ice cream or some 711 goodies while you wait. By goodies, I mean that egg basket near the counter, offers a review of that special 711 Balut.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Manila Underwear is Sexy

Brip ng Bayan: Popular Pinoy Briefs

Soo gone are the days of YC Bikini Briefs, Brute, Warren and Carter...

These briefs are not even man-thongs. These are ultimate statement briefs for the well-hung pinoy (yeah, oxymoronic I know). These white cotton briefs are most likely made in China and imported in shitloads into Divisoria.

Divisoria is the must-go-to wholesale and retail port in the Philippines. The source for every thing in any shape or size, endless consumables for the mass market.

If you love open markets and can skillfully elbow into large crowds, then shopping around Divisoria, Baclaran and Monumento would be a cinch for you. Great bargains are definitely in store. That is, if you like wearing what everyone else on the streets are wearing. Like illegit, but lovable Manny Pacquaio shirts, sandos and shorts.

Pambansang kasuotan: This Manny Pacquaio shirt simply means you're hardcore, very pinoy and patriotic. The perfect shirt to wear around Manila.

Don't cha just wish they would come up with a pair of Hands-Off Manny Pacquiao Briefs before his next fight?

Monday, February 1, 2010

The New Sosyal Media

New media and social media jobs are opening doors for the everyman in Manila. The web has definitely gone jologs en masse. So what's does this mean?

Positively, maybe more kids off the streets, less MMORPG time and real opportunities for anyone to actually make money out of a web addiction. You don't need to have programming skills to get social online or be the next spam king or the next Youtube clown. Even our skilled local 'Platero' can send email and do the rounds of stickycam nowadays! lulz!

Here's a translation of the tabloid ad:
Are you a YouTube addict? Always on FB? Chillin @ Twitter? Do you have a crazy idea about New Media? You're the one we're looking for! Earn from your talents! Apply Now!