Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sing When You're Winning

Today, I think about all the friends I made in Singapore and most of them are from Manila. Yay!

We are all bloggers. And we are a cult. Well to some people, it might seem like that.

I guess during the trip I realized, I kept boxing in every nook and cranny of my life into several specific blogs of interests. I don't really have one that's quite normal, where I could relax a bit and not really think so much. In writing on my other blogs, there's always this pause, this conscious effort to make every post cohesive with the overall topic. Never veering or straying away.

It's about time i let loose a bit and just blog for pleasure. If there is such a thing.

MadManila is the perfect spot now to add everyone I know online, regardless what they are blogging about. 

So guys please send me your blog URLs :)


  1. yay! I'm here I'm here! hahahaha.. ang cute ko! :D

    nice meeting you in SG ivy! hehehehe :D

  2. i look rather handsome in that photo
    hee hee

  3. thanks IVY :) i had a blast in SG with you guys. sana maulit :p

  4. i concur Ming :) gwapo ka!

    Meow mauulit pa yan fo sho :p

  5. Ivy!!!!

    Tara! Let's have coffee some time. Here's my number: .

    Jen a.ka. Sexy Nomad

  6. Aaay Kicking Pinay! Tititigan kong mabuti ang iyong site :)

    see yah soon... kape, kape, coffeeeee! :D

  7. i love it!!! Miss ko na Meow, Ivy, Yosh, Sexy Nomad, Chrissy and Jonel!!!

  8. Wah I'm not here!!! Sana next time I get on your blog!

  9. Haha Kuya Carlo soweeee, I remember taking a pic of you at Selangor, bawi ako! pramis! you are posted on my MommyCow blog though :)

    Sorry Jane, di ko pa na-upload lahat ng pics, the downside of digital nga, you have too much to sort :(

  10. It's okay babe. No worries. i have so many blog backlogs too!!! hehehehe...

    I'm only Part 1 of the Singapore Series :D

    Between Bites

  11. awww thanks ivy!! let's link up! :D


  12. Hi Jane me too I'm so waay behind on the SG posts :)

    Hello Franny, sure thing! panu ba? i got u on my link list- Movers & Shakers :) is it a banner thing ba? i'm such a noob :(