Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Your Manila, My Maynila

Manila can be an absolutely beautiful city. This is how I see the capital whenever I close my eyes. I imagine it to be better. Better for everyone that is.

I wish for a better transit system, one that leads to & fro of the outer rim of both North & South. This is the only way we can decongest Manila and create a viable urban sprawl.

Less malls, more parks & iconic landmarks

A recycling center for bottles, paper, plastics, electronics and organic waste.

A flood control system per municipality.

Less paper trails and bureaucracy in Government offices. I like the NSO system, its efficient and saves you days of getting in line. Wish they could do the same for other services.

Higher wages for teachers and better facilities in our public schools (1 student = 1 desk chair) Don't you think its about time all our kids get to sit down with the rest of the class?

I could go on with this wish list. Hope 2010 brings some semblance of a miracle.

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