Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sari-Sari Store Junk Food

When was the last time you've been at the neighborhood Sari-sari store?

The kids have it better now with the illegit movie tie-in merchandise. I used to buy Sari-sari store postcards when I was a kid which had frame by frame stills of movies like Petrang Kabayo and Inday Bote. Now they have more freebies at stake. 
These are not condom packs. But if they were, these would be king-sized Magnums.  

Hindi bato ang laman
. But rubber bands, sugar balls and these candy-colored rings!

Ang tunay na sikreto ni darna! I love these!  

Candies in pill blister packaging. Kids do start early with the uppers.

Sends the wrong message to the kids, don't you think? The tots might think all pill packs are the sweet deal.

An anemic version of Chocnut. Cheap and bland. It made my teeth hurt. 


  1. I love the rings! I want!!! :-D


  2. Hi Jen they're so small, they're made for puny fingers :p miss yah!