Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Riding a Manila Cab with X-rays

Took a taxi from Glorietta and I found this lovely surprise waiting for me in the backseat.

Someone's X-rays used as sun shields, taped on the backseat windows of the taxi. How ingenious.

The moment called for 'Someday You Will Be Loved' by Death Cab for Cutie, luckily it was still on my playlist.

The Cab driver however didn't want me taking his picture. He probably found me really odd, ogling over his skull scans. He denies that the x-rays are his, but the cab operator's. 

There seems to be no obvious hematoma or contusions on the headscan, often seen on x-rays of drivers in vehicular accidents. The bones I can't say, but there is somewhat a remarkable break on them.

From the street I would notice pedestrians smiling at me, perhaps it would seem like a playful illusion from their end, a bit macabre seeing right through a passenger's head.

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