Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Manila Public Restroom Patron

In Quiapo under the Carriedo MRT, you'll find a pay per pee public restroom near Scotts Burger that charges P5 per pop, it ain't the ritz, but it's the only clean one in a mile and SM Carriedo CRs don't count! Also bring your own TP! 

The most patriotic one is in Intramuros and it does kinda remind you to channel Maria Clara while you whiz.

Ginintuang Kasilyas: Where all the ladies go to do their business

The Shang and Glorietta's classy WCs cost P10, more than you're jeepney fare! It's when your pee weighs more than gold.

The quirky one for me is the public restroom in a monastery in Pampanga which includes instructions to pray while dumping and thanking God after thee flush. Amen.

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