Friday, December 4, 2009

Ortigas and its Hundred Kitchens

The idea of hanging out in Ortigas is strange to me. I had lived there for 2 years and it was a complete bore. Things turned a lot different since I left which means once I vas out ze ztarted partying ja. They seem to have crammed every concept resto, bistro, coffee shop, grill at every street corner- so many foodie places! Emerald Avenue used to be a ghost town at 10pm. Now it's just great!

Every minute walking with Yoshke & V was a treasure. We wandered around Ortigas, spending more time walking, than eating in search for the perfect spot (which was supposed to be a Thai resto that closed rather early). My legs were killing me. We ended up at the most accessible place- a beer & grill joint.  It was the best we could do considering the Friday night crowd. I was there for the conversation anyway and Yoshke never disappoints. 

It was great to see you again Yoshke!

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