Monday, December 14, 2009

Masarap ang Regla: Yummy Filipino Bread Rolls

Masarap ang regla, malinamnam lalo na yung ma-init-init pa at galing sa pugon

It's that time of the month when the craving hits and you want that sweet bloody roll from the neighborhood pinoy bakery called Regla or Pan De Regla or Tinapay Regla. A direct translation would mean 'Menstrual Bread' or "Menstruation Bread Rolls'. It was aptly named because of its bright red filling.

In Waltermart supermarket, they've politely renamed the bread "Pan de Pula" or Red Bread. Hmm... how dare they change the name of the iconic pinoy artisan bread? What's next then the "putok" bread (a type of pandecito or bun) will be renamed Pop or The Bomb? Ewan...

Anyhoo, this sweet red or dark pink roll has a sugary custard in the center and goes well with Sarsi after siesta time.

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